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Frequently Asked Questions

Just so we don't have to repeat ourselves, you know?

What is EasternIdahoEvents.com? And why did you go to all the effort of creating such an awesome website?

In 2013, I created RexburgFun.com in efforts to document some of the various things to do in Rexburg. Initially, I thought it would just be a fun side project, but it became more popular than I ever thought it would, getting a couple thousands hits a month. I hope this will become somewhat of a "sister" site and continue to serve those living in Idaho with fun things to do.

Can anyone post an event on here?

Yup! It's meant to be a collaborative effort in keeping everyone up-to-date, because there's no way that we could do this all on our own. Simply register for an account, and you'll be posting in minutes.

Why do I have to register? That's such a pain.

Sorry. Life is tough. We require users to register to cut down on the amount of spam. It also allows you to go back and edit different aspects of your event after it's been posted.

I encountered an error. Your stupid website is broken.

Sorry about that. This website is coded by hand, and so there's bound to be a few problems here and there. Do us a favor and head on over to the contact page. Drop us a quick message. We'd appreciate it.

I have a lot of events to post. Is there an easier way than entering them manually?

We're currently working on building an API to allow those with lots of events to post those easier. It's a work in progress, so hang tight.

I just posted an event. Why does it have to be approved?

Each event much be individually reviewed to ensure that it complies with our terms of service. In most cases, this takes less than 24 hours.

Is there any way to have my event featured so more people see it?

You bet. It's free to post an event, but as more events are posted, it's easy for yours to get pushed down by others. 'Featured' or 'Sticky' events can be purchased for $10/day or $50/week, and your event will remain at the top of all listings during that time.

How are events ordered?

Events are listed by date (of the event itself, not when it was posted), happening soonest. For example, if today's date is the 14th of July, and there are two events -- one for July 28th and another for July 19th -- the event scheduled for July 19th will be listed more towards the top, whereas the July 28th event may be pushed to a second or third page, until the event time becomes closer.

I see you have a snazzy mailing list. What will I get if I sign up?

Well, one thing that you WON'T receive is spam, so that's good. But what you WILL get is a listing of all the current events for the week e-mailed directly to you. That way, you can easily take a glance at what's happening around you, right from your inbox.

Can I search for events?

Currently, you can't 'search' for an event in the traditional sense, but you are able to filter events, based on date, location, city, and cost. On the home page, simply click on the 'Filter' button. You will then be taken to the filter page where you can search based on your set criteria.

Are expired events ever removed from my 'My Admin' page?

Events that have been expired for more than 60 days will automatically be removed from your "My Admin" page, just to keep things tidy.

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